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Self insure your health

Switch your extras premium to your own fund to pay for general treatments, with your digital MasterCard.

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self insure your health

Health cover that grows with you

Keep more of your cash when you use our platform by taking a personal approach to self insuring your health.

Save money on extras cover by self-insuring

You can keep your extras premiums in your ExtrasJar fund and use your own money when you need it most.

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No more out of pocket payments

You set up and grow your fund to pay for general treatments instead of the restrictive and complex rebate schemes with traditional health insurance.

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Keep your money in your ExtrasJar

If you don’t use all of your Extras cover, we’ll roll over the unused funds into next year and the next. It is your money, after all.

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Save on health insurance

We help you get more from your health insurance, so you can invest those savings.

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More Awesome Features

Make your health insurance work for you

Save money, access more treatments, and get more value from your health insurance.

Lower the cost of Hospital Cover

We have given you the power to pay less through our innovative co-pay product.

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Roll over unused Extras

It is your money, and unused funds rollover each year for when you need it, the larger it grows the less you need to invest each year.

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Extras your way

No more restrictive limits, need to spend it all on dental you can its your choice.

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Your fund grows for when you need it

Your funds are invested when you’re not using them, in ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme

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Network of Health Partners for you

Our partners provide discounts to customers, but you always have freedom of choice in providers.

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Self insure your health with ExtrasJar

A health insurance platform for household CFOs, that helps households get the most out of their health insurance.