No one plans to sustain an injury or get ill. However, most people will face some health issues at one point. Unfortunately, even the most minor medical costs could prove costly. serious injury or sickness could result in severe financial hardships for the impacted person and their family. Luckily, protection known as private health insurance could help defray the expenses associated with many issues. However, it is important for Australians to realise that this private health safeguard does not cover every medical cost they might incur.

Services Private Health Insurance Covers

In Australia, private health insurance is divided into three separate categories: hospital cover, which covers a percentage of the costs associated with a hospital stay, extra's or general treatments, which assists in paying expenses not covered by Medicare, and ambulance coverage, which pays the fees related to emergency transport to a hospital or medical facility. Typically, these plans are sold separately or in a bundle by private insurers. However, applicants can enrol in said policies individually or comprehensive umbrella policies addressing all concerns. Individuals holding hospital coverage can choose treatment from the doctor of their choice and be taken to either a public or private hospital. Those enrolled in extras, which is sometimes referred to as general coverage, might include services such as dental care, home care, podiatry, various forms of therapy, and eyewear like glasses or contact lenses.

Services Private Insurance Does Not Cover

In many instances, the specific services covered depends on the insurer and the exact policy the person in question chose to enrol in. For example, hospital coverage might have various restrictions or exclusions or charge patients for stays lasting longer than 35 days. Moreover, the holder might not receive coverage for elective surgeries not mandatory for health maintenance like cosmetic or aesthetic procedures. General or extra coverage services almost always require the recipient to incur at least a percentage of the overall costs.

Final Thoughts

Private health insurance is an important safeguard. This protection plays a significant role in helping Australians cover the sometimes exorbitant costs associated with medical treatment. That said, private health insurance is not fail-safe. Therefore, before enrolling in a specific policy, it is crucial for potential policyholders to learn what services are involved and invest in a policy most befitting of their needs.

To learn more, check out the government's independent private health insurance information at

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